Carers Voice Dundee

Carers Voice Dundee is a carers participation group supported by the Centre which aims to involve carers in decisions on matters that affect their lives and the lives of the people they care for.

We meet up to discuss, and have input into various local strategies and well as sharing ideas and experiences.

The aims of Carers Voice are:

  • To raise awareness of carers issues
  • To discuss practical solutions of issues raised by carers and feed this back to service providers and feed into local strategies via the representation roles we have within the Integrated Joint Board , Strategic Planning Groups, Carers Partnership Group and the Coalition for Carers in Scotland
  • To take part in and encourage other carers to take part in relevant consultations
  • To give leadership to Carers Blethers progress and have input into shaping these sessions

Over this last year Carers Voice have been working hard to establish Carers Blethers, a more informal way for carers to get involved in shaping service provision for carers. Carers Blethers is shaped by the carers who attend and the issues raised influence the sessions we plan. The two groups work hand in hand with information shared between both groups analysing the issues carers have raised and planning to have their issues shared at relevant meetings, to provide information within the Carers Blethers sessions or sign post to other helpful support.

If you’d like more information please contact Jenny Christie on 01382 200422.

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Dundee Carers Centre, Seagate House, 132-134 Seagate, Dundee, DD1 2HB 01382 200422 [email protected]
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