News 19 May 2021

29,000 Reasons to help Young People in Dundee

Youth-based services are coming together to fundraise and raise awareness of the difficulties faced by young people across Dundee City.
The services include to name a few, Hot Chocolate, Showcase the Street, Rock Solid, Dundee Carers Centre, and Helm.

The campaign is called 29,000 Reasons, as the Dundee Youth Work Network (DYWN) identified that there are approximately 29,000 young people in Dundee. The services are aiming to raise £29,000, which will be shared across the Dundee Youth Work Network (DYWN).

The young people of Dundee are utterly remarkable, but Covid-19 has made a huge impact on them: their learning has been severely disrupted, they’ve been more likely than older people to lose their jobs, and many have struggled with poor mental health.

Youth workers get alongside them, listen to what they’re needing, what they’re aiming for, and help them find a way forward. The organisations behind 29,000 Reasons are doing this every day with thousands of young people in Dundee – you can help us help them

Dave Cost, Executive Director at Hot Chocolate

Each service will each take part in an event to help raise funds and this will be held from 28 August until 11 September 2021.

Dundee Youth Work Network would like individuals or organisations to join in with the fundraising activities fortnight from Saturday 28 August to Saturday 11 September and help raise money that will make a difference.

Some people are planning to walk 29 miles; some are going to do 29,000 keepy-uppys; make 29 films, songs, and pictures…

What could you do?

If you would like to be involved you can give a one-off donation or set up a fundraiser by visiting the
29,000 Reasons Just Giving Page.

If you would like to chat about ideas then contact the team on 29, 000 Reasons Facebook Page or Hot Chocolate Trust Twitter page.

Further updates will be posted on the campaign’s Facebook page.

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