News 15 Jan 2021

Carer Focus Group – University of Dundee Study

We are looking for Carers to take part in focus groups for a study conducted by a student placement from the University of Dundee.

Neil Craig, a 4th year Community Education Student, is conducting a research project based on Carer participation and decision making within Dundee Carers Centre.

We are looking for carers aged 16+ to take part in a focus group which will be based around their experiences surrounding participation and decision making within the organisation, all carers can take part in the focus group, regardless of the amount of experience they may have.

Carers wishing to attend will be invited to one focus group which will be held online lasting 1-1.5 hours taking place mid to late February, although specific dates and times will be arranged once there is enough confirmed interest.

If you are interested or would like to know more please email [email protected]
or phone 07597710984 alternatively, carers can speak to their key worker within the organisation.