News 25 Jan 2021

Carers of Dundee Virtual Hubs

The NEW Carers Of Dundee Virtual Hub launched on Wednesday 20th January on the Carers Of Dundee Facebook page.
Ellie from Dundee Carers Centre was on to introduce the “Carer Wellbeing Journey” –  That are three E-modules that were launched on the Carers of Dundee Learning Portal.

Host Your Own Hub!

As we find ourselves in another lockdown, Carers of Dundee think that it is even more important to get information out of the services and support they have to offer.  Online communication has become their most interactive tool allowing them to connect with people and highlight what support is available.

Facebook Live, via third party streaming service, Streamyard, is a valuable platform that allows organisations to provide such information and interact with their audience at the same time.If you would like to feature in a future live please get in touch by emailing [email protected]

Local organisations could host their very own Virtual Hub, discussing any topics applicable to their audience.  Guests so dial-in which can be a service user sharing their experience/story or another professional from a partnership organisation.

Virtual Hub Working Group

Carers of Dundee are looking for people to join their working group, bringing with them inspiration and ideas for future Virtual Hubs in 2021.  This is also a great opportunity for local organisations to gather experience in live streaming if they are thinking of facilitating their own live event in the future.

If you are a professional or someone in a caring role and would like to be involved, please get in touch with the team by emailing [email protected]

For more information on Virtual Hubs or to watch the latest episode click here

For further information on future Virtual Hubs, please visit the Carers of Dundee website or follow Carers of Dundee on Facebook and Twitter.