News 01 May 2020

CEO’s Message to City’s Unpaid Carers cont. . .

You often already experience isolation, challenges with wellbeing and your finances when undertaking the vital role of providing care and support to a family member, friend or neighbour. In this crisis many of you will now be experiencing an increase in the impacts that you were already feeling without having that physical contact with family, friends, workers and peers at a time when arguably you need it most. There will be feelings of fear, worry and high levels of stress and a lack of opportunity to do the things that helped you manage these previously. You might be caring more or be completely new to caring, juggling work and/or childcare and managing the anxiety of what will happen next or what will happen if you are unable to provide care for the person that you are supporting.

The Carers Centre team have been working tirelessly to continue to provide support, all be it virtually, to enable you to have connection with others as well as practical information and advice to support you through this new, not so normal. Although we can’t have that physical contact, please know that we are here, working alongside you at this time until one day we can actually be together again, in what I hope will be a return to that bit of normal.

You can find out more about the support we can offer along with other local resources by visiting or by contacting us on 01382 200422  or emailing

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