News 09 Mar 2022

Dundee Young Carers Research Project

soft focus photo of a young teen girl sitting on at a table with a textbook on it. the girl is holding a mobile device.

Over the last few years, Dundee has seen significant improvement and progress in how young carers are identified and supported by the Carers Centre, schools, and other agencies across the City. A key part of this success has been a dedicated group of young carers involved in, and driving the work of the agencies in the City and influencing change for other young carers.

My name is Sarah Boath, and as Team Manager, at the Carers Centre I wanted to be able to more fully understand the key elements which have really contributed to the success of this work and to explore the experiences of young carers and practitioners supporting them across the City and so I undertook a Masters Dissertation Project – the Dundee Young Carers Research Project – through the University of Dundee. To make sure I’m asking the right people the right questions I am also working with a participatory research team composed of teachers, support workers, and young carers.

The first stage of this research is to gather as wide a range of views as possible from young people at Secondary School and teachers and support staff in schools. The research team and I have devised two questionnaires – one for staff and one for pupils – which have been distributed via Dundee Schools.

Take the survey

The link for the young person’s questionnaire is below – if you are a young person living in Dundee please take the time to fill it in. Your views will make a difference – this research will be used by all the agencies in Dundee and across Scotland to improve the support available to young carers.

Please note that the Practitioners Survey is now closed.