News 12 May 2022

Meet the Counselling Team! Julie Seymour

We would like to allow everyone to meet our new counselling team by introducing each member and getting a quick summary of their personal and professional background.

Name: Julie Seymour

What made you get involved as a counsellor at the carers centre?

I see in this life, everyone can have highs and lows, and no one is immune to the difficult times.  I believe difficulties can be eased with the right support.  My philosophy is to always be kind, be a source of support or strength for others, and to find out what the individual needs from me.  I am not afraid of big emotions, and it is a privilege to sit by someone as they work out what their goals are and steer their life the way they want it to go, when they’ve been through a challenging time. I found out when I was quite young that I had skills in this area and my previous career has had me working with some of the more vulnerable members of our society.  I specifically wanted to work at Dundee Carers Centre because I hold Carers in such high esteem. They have such a complex, often difficult job, and they deserve every support on their journey. I want to walk beside people when they are struggling, showing respect, and I think counselling is something everyone can benefit from.

Random fact/something about you? 

I have lived in Scotland, in West Africa, in Norway and the Middle East. I love meeting people from different cultures. I think there are more things that unite us, rather than divide us, as humans, but I also want to celebrate uniqueness and what makes people “themselves”.

Something you do to support your wellbeing? 

I have three dogs and so I love going for walks in nature. This grounds me, keeps me mindful and in awe of the beauty in this world.  It reminds me to bring self-compassion to myself too, as we are all doing our best in life.  I love animals and fostered dogs in the middle east.

If you would like to fund out more about our counselling service please go to our dedicated webpage by clicking here