News 19 Oct 2022

Meet the Counselling Team – Valeria Roberti

Selfie of Valeria - Student Counsellor

We speak to Valeria Roberti, student counsellor who has recently joined Dundee Carers Centre Counselling Team.

What made you get involved with the centre?

I feel carers are often at risk of neglecting their own wants and needs as they are used to caring for a vulnerable person. This may lead to burnout, social isolation, and lack of self-care. I chose to volunteer at Dundee Carers Centre as it is a great charity and I personally benefit from being involved and feeling part of the local community.

Random Fact about you?

I am from Italy and studied in Venice, then I went on to live in the so-called Venice of the North, passing by the Granite City. Having lived abroad for the last decade, I heard my name being mispronounced in all possible ways: last but not least as Malaria. (Please just call me Val)

Something you do to support your wellbeing?

I aim to start my day with a practice: this may involve movement, meditation, chanting, breathing with awareness, setting an intention, or just checking in… it may be two minutes or one hour. Practice means simply tuning in and paying attention. 

Also, I like everything outdoorsy: from skiing to hiking and swimming. Since becoming a dog mum, a daily walk has also become a must.