News 23 Aug 2021

Sponsored Walk (With a Twist) 29,000 Reasons

We are proud to be named as one of the organisations involved with 29,000 Reasons – a fundraising campaign aiming to raise money for the Dundee Youthwork Network.

As part of the campaign, we are organising a fundraising campaign that we hope everyone can donate to:

Sponsored Walk (With a Twist…)

As part of the 29,000 reasons fundraising campaign Dundee Carers Centre are hosting a sponsored walk with a twist where YOU get to decide how many miles we walk.

We will assemble a team of wonderful walkers and for every £10 we receive in donations we will walk 2.9 miles (e.g. £10 = 2.9 miles, £100 = 29 miles and so on.)

Remember the more that people donate the more miles we will have to walk!

Donate Today

We will be announcing our overall mileage target at the launch event of the 29,000 Reasons Campaign (keep following the 29,000 Reasons Facebook page for further announcements)

If you want to join our team of wonderful walkers please contact [email protected] for more information.