News 24 May 2021

Volunteers Week is almost here!

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A time to say thanks
Recognising the contribution of volunteers to communities during coronavirus.

Volunteers’ Week takes place between 1-7 June every year and is a time to recognise and thank volunteers. During an exceptionally difficult year, people from all walks of life around the UK have taken the time to volunteer and made a huge difference to people and their communities – just as they do every year. 

We’d like to encourage everyone to take the time to recognise volunteers that helped during the last 12 months and to thank those who usually volunteer but have not been able to because of the pandemic. 

Volunteers are always active at the heart of every UK community. 

The coronavirus pandemic has rightly raised the profile of volunteering and more people than ever are aware of the immense contribution being made every single day by the UK’s volunteers. That is why, on this 37th annual #VolunteersWeek and during the #MonthofCommunity, it’s time to say: 

Thank you volunteers! 

Take a look at the Volunteers’ Week website to find out how you can get involved.