News 16 Mar 2021

Young Carer Support Highlights

In celebration of Carer’s Trust Young Carers Action Day, we feel it is important to highlight the support we have been able to give to young carers.

Below are examples some of the work we have achieved that we are exceptionally proud of:

  • We worked with The Corner Dundee and schools to distribute Wellbeing boxes to 642 young carers at primary and secondary schools across Dundee.
  • Nearly 400 young carers have been identified and recorded at their schools as young carers
  • Over 200 young carers receiving direct one to one and group support in their locality from Dundee Carers Centre every year
  • 27 young carer ambassadors in schools and college volunteering to provide peer support to other young carers in Dundee

Watch below animation of the highlights that we shared on our social media channels

If you are a young carer or you have identified a young person that would benefit from our support please phone the centre on 01382 200422 or email [email protected]