News 28 Feb 2023

Young Carers Research Project

Dundee has made significant progress in its unique approach to identifying and supporting young carers in the city over the past five years.

In 2021/22 Sarah Boath, Team Manager at the Carers Centre, undertook a Master’s research project at the University of Dundee to explore this approach more fully, and its impact. Working with a participatory research team of 12 young carers and 4 practitioners the research was submitted to the University in Autumn 2022.

A short summary report is attached here, and the full report is accessible here.

The University awarded a distinction for the research and there are plans for the report to be published in an academic journal. Thanks to the research team for all their input and for making it all possible.

As a key stakeholder, we are sharing this research report in order to share our learning and experience. If you would like further information, Sarah Boath would welcome the opportunity to discuss the findings in more detail and the learning from the research with you and your agency.

You can contact Sarah at 07436 142363, or email [email protected]