Our Aims, Our History and Our People

Young male hugging older woman - looking at the camera while an older man looks on.

Our aims

The Dundee Carers Centre aims to make a difference to the lives of carers of all ages and disabled people in Dundee.

We do this by:

  • Providing information and support services for carers, young carers and disabled people
  • Ensuring the rights of carers, young carers and disabled people are promoted and upheld
  • Empowering carers, young carers and disabled people to challenge decisions which affect their lives
  • Working collectively to develop new services in response to identified unmet need

Our values

We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with fairness and dignity and is supported to make a positive difference in their life.

As an organisation that embraces challenge, we need to demonstrate a culture of kindness, compassion and creativity.

Working together, we keep the needs of carers and disabled people at the centre of everything we do… because we care.

Minority Ethnic Services

Policies & Legal Information

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Our History

The centre was set up in 1989 as the Disabled and Carers Information Centre Association. Now, we are known as the Dundee Carers Centre.

Today, we are a vibrant and growing organisation with over 50 staff members and approximately 45 volunteers. Our greatest resource is the people who work for us, both paid and unpaid.


Our board of Trustees comprises of volunteers who give of their time,
skills and experience to our organisation.

  • Liana Steven

  • Sophie Kennedy

  • Photo of Eilidh McLaughlin Trustess for Dundee Carers Centre

    Eilidh McLaughlin

  • Selfie of Janet Robertson Trustee for Dundee Carers Centre

    Janet Robertson

  • Trudy McLeay

  • Alan Baird - Trustee for Dundee Carers Centre

    Alan Baird

    Trustee (Convener)
  • Carolyn Johnston - Trustee for Dundee Carers Centre

    Carolyn Johnstone

  • Arnot Tippett


Staff Members

We are a vibrant and innovative organisation with around 50 members
of staff and over 45 volunteers.

  • Photo of Helen Reid - Manager for Carer Support Services

    Helen Reid

    Team Manager (Carer Support)
  • Staff photo of Neil Campbell, CEO Dundee Carers Centre

    Neil Campbell

  • Morag Duncan

    Team Manager
  • Stacey Wood

    Team Manager (Communications & Quality)