Carers Decide Groupwork Programme

Self-help Workshops for Carers

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Meet other carers - Share & Learn from your caring experience

Whether you’re new to caring or have been caring for a while, your experiences are probably vast and varied. You’re the expert; you understand the things carers deal with and you are best placed to share this knowledge with other carers.

The programme was created by carers who found that by coming together with other carers in a confidential and relaxed environment, experiences and knowledge could be shared to help each other.

What can I gain from this?

  • Meet other carers and carer support staff
  • Learn and share what’s available and the systems in place for carers
  • Increase knowledge on rights as a carer and gain confidence in using them
  • Develop the skills and experience to manage your health and wellbeing
  • Time to help you identify your goals and work towards achieving them
  • Option of working towards a qualification

When do groups meet?

Dates for groups are allocated throughout the year – to book your place on an available 8-week programme please call 01382 200422 or email [email protected]

See below a programme of days and times that groups meet (please note that these run in a 8-week blocks)

  • Monday evening 6.30 – 8 pm (online)
  • Tuesday morning 10 am – 12 noon (face-to-face)
  • Wednesday afternoon 1-2.30 pm (online)
  • Friday morning 10 am – 12 noon (face-to-face)

How long does it last?

The length of the programme is based on the needs of the participants and could last up to 8 sessions.

How does the group meet?

Coming out of lockdown restrictions groups can be face-to-face with limited numbers, or online using the G-Suite (Google Meet) Platform.

Full support will be given to those who have not accessed online groups before.

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What happens at the group?

Each group member decides their goals based on their own needs.  With the support of staff the group then creates a plan to achieve these goals.

So far the carers who have taken part have taken action and learned:

  • What their rights are as carers
  • What money advice and financial support are available to them
  • What their housing rights are
  • What aids they can get to improve independence at home
  • What groups are in their communities

Watch this short interview with carers Jennifer and Shona who attended a recent ‘Carers Decide’ Groupwork Programme.

How to apply

Spaces are available for carers 18 and over.

To book your place, please phone 01382 200422 or email.