Carers Decide Groupwork Programme

An opportunity for carers to learn with and from each other

What is Carers Decide Groupwork?

Carers designed this programme as whether you are new to caring or have been caring for some time, often the best support is speaking with other carers, listening to their experiences, sharing your own, and learning from each other.

Therefore, the Groupwork Team organise regular short-term groups where carers plan what they want to discuss. Each session is an opportunity for the carers to learn with and from each other; with support from the team and guest speakers if required. The same group of carers meet throughout their programme in a safe and friendly environment.

“I’ve learned loads since coming to groupwork, I’ve been put in touch with people, heard about useful websites… I’ve thoroughly enjoyed groupwork”

What can I gain from this?

  • Opportunity to talk with other carers
  • Information on a variety of issues, e.g. carers’ rights, money-saving tips for carers, local groups for you and your family
  • Information on online resources/websites to keep up to date with what’s available for carers in Dundee
  • A group you can ask who or what might help with a current challenge
  • Access to guest speakers who can answer your questions on a variety of topics

Previous Guest Speakers

Coalition of Carers – Carers Rights

Citizen Advice Bureau – Energy Saving Advice

Social Security Scotland – Scottish Benefits

Deputy and Head Teacher – School Transitions

Thorntons Solicitors – Power of Attorney and Guardianship

Former Groupwork Member – Money Saving Tips for Carers

Meet the team


Tom Barclay

And 11 volunteers who all completed groupwork themselves and enjoyed it so much they wanted to help with other groups. 

Testimonials from carers

This group has been a great benefit to my health and wellbeing. I have noticed a massive difference to my life and through this I have now begun volunteering.

Happy to become “guest speaker” and was surprised at the impact it had. Helped me realise how much I know

I learned so much about what’s available locally and from Dundee Carers Centre

After the money saving tips session we were able to have a family trip to Blair Drummond

Previously I did not like the sound of my voice and now I am able to speak up and share how I am feeling. I am now seeing where I want to be in the future and what I can give.

Strength I’ve got from this group over the past few weeks has kept me going



Dates for groups are arranged throughout the year

Book your place

Please call 01382 200422 or email [email protected]

If you are already involved with Dundee Carers Centre you can also ask your Support Worker to refer you.

Groupwork video libary


Preparing for the Future

Join us for another insightful instalment of Carers Decide Groupwork Bitesize.

In this episode, we’re thrilled to have Lorna Christine, Solicitor with Thornton’s Solicitors as our guest, sharing how parents of children with additional support needs can prepare for the future. Get ready for a comprehensive discussion that addresses pressing questions submitted by carers. Lorna explains these topics and much more, so you can make informed decisions when preparing for your children’s future.

Power of Attorney and Guardianship

Adele Donald chats to Lorna Christine and Robin Beattie from Thorntons Solicitors about Power of Attorney and Guardianship.

Interview with past attendees

Watch this short interview with carers Jennifer and Shona who attended a recent ‘Carers Decide’ Groupwork Programme.