The centre has an accessibility statement, which aims to make our services, including this website, accessible to as many people as possible.

We are also making sure that the site is compatible with different types of assistive software. However, it will be a while before we’re finished user testing these features. We hope you find our site easy to use but if you have any problems, please let us know. We also welcome any comments or suggestions which may help us to make the site better.

Accessibility Statement

Dundee Carers Centre supports carers of all ages and disabled people. We aim to make C Gate (where those who use our services will visit) and our services as accessible as possible. If there are ways we could improve your visit to C Gate, please let us know.

Accessible parking

There is one currently no accessible parking associated with the building. Public car parks are close by at Gellatly Street and East Whale. The bus station is also across the road from the office.

Access to Centre

The main entrance to the Centre is via the door on the Seagate. Our opening hours are Monday- Friday, 9am-4.45pm

Potential Barriers to Accessing C Gate

There is an automatic door to access C Gate. However, if the building is not accessible for you, our staff can visit you at home or at another location so you can access the service you require.

Wheelchair accessible toilets

There are currently two wheelchair accessible toilets.

Ability to accommodate groups of disabled people

C Gate is located at street level, with access for wheelchairs users, with regard to fire regulations and the number of wheelchair users we can accommodate at one time is dependent on staffing and the activity as well as evacuating in good time.

Provision of hearing enhancement systems

There is a loop system available in C Gate.


The nominated fire marshal and wardens are changeable and are the two staff on reception.

Online accessibility

Our website is WCAG2 compliant and we aim to improve on this to ensure full accessibility. We have information in community languages and in BSL and audio formats available on the website.

Contact information

If we don’t currently accommodate your particular needs, please contact us to let us know how we can improve. Contact: Lucinda Godfrey, CEO, Seagate House, 132-134 Seagate House, Dundee, DD1 2HB.

Tel (01382) 200422