Anti-Racism Commitment

A statement of intention to listen, learn and speak out on racial injustice

At the Dundee Carers Centre, we are appalled and distressed by the death of George Floyd and appreciate the light it has shone on racial injustice. This and other events have led us as an organisation to reflect on how we can be anti-racist, and our reflections tell us that we can and must do more.

We agree that it is important to speak out and it is equally important to listen, to our colleagues, partners and the people who we are here to serve including ethnic minority people. We endeavour to do more of both to ensure that our approach is transparent, considered and together.

In our words and actions, we are here and now making a commitment and will hold ourselves to account in the months ahead. We commit to reflect on the actions we have taken and the impact they have had on an ongoing regular basis.

We have taken time to identify key actions to enable this commitment to begin to be realised.

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Our Commitment
  • We will listen, observe, respect and work hard to understand peoples experience of racism and consider how this can and will be addressed.
  • We will create safe spaces for our colleagues, partners and the people we support to share their experiences with us giving insight into what works well and what we can do better as individuals and as an organisation.
  • We will ensure that training and learning opportunities are available to our colleagues to enhance our awareness and enable a greater understanding of unconscious bias.
  • We will work with our managers and trustees to ensure that racism is addressed fairly and effectively and that we understand more deeply the impact of racism and microaggressions on our colleagues and the people we are here to serve.