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Katriona Kelly Development Worker Coldside Locality Dundee Carers Centre
Adele Donald - Groupwork Support worker - Dundee Careres Centre

Our Locality Workers

Jessie and Katriona are currently networking within the locality to build relationships with services and organisations.
If you are an organisation Katriona and Jessie are happy to organise a meeting to talk about the support that they can offer to carers that access your services.

Please get in touch by emailing either [email protected] or [email protected]

Carers Decide Group Programme

Adele Donald is the Groupwork Worker for the Coldside locality.

Carers Decide Groupwork is an 8-week programme offering an opportunity for carers to meet and learn from each other’s caring experience.
Sessions are facilitated by Carers Centre staff and are available online and face to face.

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