What's in Your Locality

East End

An overview of the current work we do, partnership organisations we work with and schools we support

Gemma Johnsen - Carer Support Worker - East end locality team - Dundee Carers Centre

Eastend Team

Kev and Gemma are the locality workers in the East End and they have built on key partnerships with local organisations and schools. This has allowed them to provide support groups, information to help identify and signpost carers and their families to support that is available in the community.

Carers Decide Group Programme

Tom is the Groupwork Worker for the Coldside locality.

Carers Decide Groupwork is an 8-week programme offering an opportunity for carers to meet and learn from each other’s caring experience.
Sessions are facilitated by Carers Centre staff and are available online and face to face.

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Schools we support

Craigie High School

Carer Coordinator: Susan Innes/ Carers Group

Co-ordinators: Kimberley Walsh, (Transitions Worker) and Shelly Day, (CLD)

Claypotts Primary School

Carer Coordinator: Cath Mcbennett, SFDW

Rowantree Primary School

Carer Coordinator: Doug Millar, SFDW

St Pius RC Primary School

Carer Coordinator: Kim Meek, SFDW

Craigiebarns Primary School

Carer Coordinator: Natalie Hocking, SFDW

Agencies we work with

The Yard

The Yard is an adventure play service for disabled children, young people and their families.

Brooksbank Centre

A community centre based in East end of Dundee, working with and for the community.

Rock Solid 

A community initiative based in the East-End of Dundee. Welcoming and inclusive organisation working together with local people to meet local priorities. Core vales are Compassion, Creativity and Collaboration.

Douglas Community Centre is a community centre situated in the East End Ward of Dundee.

Community Learning Developement Team

CLD teams across the city work alongside communities and partners to ensure individuals, families and communities reach their potential through lifelong learning, mutual self-help and strong community organisations.