News 21 Dec 2021

20 years of Christmas Donations for Young Carers in Dundee

Dundee Carers Centre are extremely grateful to receive Christmas gifts for 220 young carers in Dundee, thanks to the BT Charity Team and staff in Dundee.

Picture of Santa and staff from BT Dundee posing alongside presents donated by BT staff for young carers in Dundee.

We are overwhelmed by the generosity of the BT Charity Team and staff, even more so this year, this will mean so much to young carers and their families in Dundee.

Kieran Drugan, Team Leader (Carer Support Team)

Santa at the C-Gate Dundee with some of the gifts donated by staff at BT Dundee for young carers across Dundee.

We look forward each year organising and participating in this cause as it sets us all up for Christmas within BT.
The advisers all know when Christmas is around the corner when we (Kim and Eddie) begin the Dundee Carers Centre Young carers fund, which is very close to our hearts.
We believe in working hand in hand within the local community, helping to support local cause.

Joint statement from Kim Gansh-Stewart and Eddie Geissler (BT Dundee)

Thanks to all the staff at BT Dundee for their extreme generosity once again from everyone
at Dundee Carers Centre.