News 15 Apr 2020

Adult Carer Shopping E-card

Dundee Carers Centre has developed the electronic Carers Shopping Card for carers who have responsibilities for shopping and picking up medication, and for carers who are supporting somebody who doesn’t live in the same household.  After the launch of our young carers card, adult carers approached us as they felt a similar card would be useful for them, particularly for carers who were worried they may be challenged if they had to travel to carry out their caring role.

We liaised with Dundee Voluntary and Volunteer Action to raise awareness of this card with local retailers and supermarkets, Local Authority and Health & Social Care partners.  Tayside Division of Police Scotland were also notified, so their officers could be made aware of the scheme.

Cards may only be issued to carers who we know have these responsibilities, or care for somebody who lives in another household. Details of the card issued will also be kept on our system, so that we have a record of all people who have the card.

If you would like further information or to apply for a shopping card please contact Dundee Carers Centre on 01382 200422 or email.