News 09 Sep 2020

Carers of Dundee – Information & Support for unpaid carers



Anyone can find themselves in a caring role at any point
in their lives. 

Where do you start to look to get support or find information to help?
There are many groups and organisations in Dundee but which one is right for you?
How long do you leave it before you are at breaking point?

Carers of Dundee brings together a network of organisations who provide support to carers and their families across the City.  One such organisations has been Penumbra:

 “Penumbra has been delighted to be involved in the Carers of Dundee Network, which has been invaluable in raising awareness of unpaid Carers and providing vital information to assist those in a caring role.  The network has led to improved working relationships across the agencies involved, which in turn means a better, more joined-up experience for those accessing Carers support in our city.  Ultimately it’s about ensuring Carers are valued and supported in the crucial role they play in our society and the network very much recognises and celebrates this role.”  
Emma, Support Manager at Penumbra enables carers and their families to access info and support, creating an online community for carers.  It also enables carers to find out about relevant support, events, learning opportunities and activities to support them in their caring role, without having to search for local and national support organisations’ websites.  

Two carers who have benefited from support is Colin and Kathleen, who both care for their spouses who were diagnosed with Dementia several years ago. 

Both couples began to meet regularly at Alzheimer’s Scotland Dropin Café at Morgan Street, Dundee.  They were then signposted to Dundee Carers Centre, where they were referred for a Short Break.  After speaking with a Short Breaks Broker at Dundee Carers Centre, they enjoyed a break to Inverness together.  This was an opportunity to get away with like-minded people who were also living with someone with Dementia.  The break improved both couples mental and emotional wellbeing and gave them a chance to enjoy life outside their caring role. 

“We thoroughly enjoyed our break away, it was great to not have to prepare meals, make beds or wash down showers – lovely trip enjoyed by all”
Colin and Kathleen carers

Both couples continue to receive support and attend groups offered by both Alzheimer’s Scotland Dundee Dementia Resource Centre and Dundee Carers Centre; such as, Drop-in Cafes, Day Care service and social events.  

Since being signposted to Dundee Carers Centre, Colin and Kathleen were then signposted to other services available to them and are now accessing further information via 

Carers of Dundee has provided an extensive hub of information about services during the recent pandemic and we continue to keep everyone up to date with the easing of restrictions visit 

Carers of Dundee is a vital online platform offering a hub of services and information for carers, families and workforce. For more info please contact us on 01382 200422 or email [email protected]