News 23 Jun 2022

Carers Week 2022 – A Carers Story

Following on from Carers Week we would like to share a personal story sent to us from an anonymous Carer, about their journey of support with us and how this has greatly benefited them through personal development, confidence, a boost in digital skills & understanding, and meet new people.

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I have been a carer for 16 years and I am certain like many others in this role at times we feel invisible and very lonely. It was a time like this I approached Dundee Carers Centre to ask what if anything, could be done to help alleviate this. I was not aware what the Carers Centre had to offer.

I went in and was immediately greeted at reception. I felt welcomed and it appeared that it was no bother for them to offer help and support.

At this time the pandemic was in full swing, so the initial consultation and subsequent meetings were carried out over the phone. I was informed of the services that were available and the groups and talks I could take part in. However, this was all online and I did not have the equipment or knowledge how to access this.

After this initial contact, I was lucky enough to have a phone call every two weeks from the Centre and it was great to talk to someone out with the family circle. A worker arranged for me to receive a tablet and although I was a novice, I still appreciated learning some of the basic functions so I could master them.

At the beginning of this year, I got a phone call from the worker asking if I wished to attend a digital class at the Carers Centre on a Wednesday morning. Not only was this very informative but the social aspects were great as there were a number of ladies all at different levels of tuition in the class, but it was a great and fun morning. Plenty of laughs and loads of stories. I shall definitely miss it now that we have completed the course. This tuition has opened many doors for me. The workers at the class were fantastic and I can now surf the web and get apps on my phone. No mean streak from where I was originally. I can What’s App my close family and its lovely to be able to see them whilst I’m talking to them. I can also order prescriptions from the surgery online now which is a godsend. There are also many other groups which are available to access with a wide range of different activities at different times.

I am so glad I took the first step on this journey over the past two years as I never had any inclination of what was available in the way of support. I would encourage people to contact the Carers Centre as they are absolutely wonderful.

If you are a carer and would like to start your support journey with us please get in touch by calling us on 01382 200422 or make a referral