News 15 Apr 2021

Carers Wellbeing E-modules

Are you feeling the strain?

Are you dealing with an issue and feeling overwhelmed?

Dealing with big changes? 🤯

Our friends over at Carers of Dundee have created 3 wellbeing e-learning modules that are packed with tips and local support to help carers to prioritise their wellbeing:

Steps to Wellbeing

Elearning module for Dundee carers that goes back to basics:

🚶 Move

Bumps in the Road

Elearning module for carers in Dundee filled with tips and support ideas to take care of yourself when things don’t go to plan.


Elearning module for carers in Dundee to help you stay well through change, whether good or bad.

. . . just spoken to a carer who I have been working with. I signposted her last week to the e-modules – she accessed the wellbeing journey module last week – she has been out every day for a walk and not ate chocolate since – this module has helped motivate her

Wendy Reid, Keep Well Nurse

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