News 17 Sep 2021

#CarersLearningWeek – Interviews with Learners

From Monday 20th September we will be celebrating our very own Carer’s Learning Week where we plan to hold several events to highlight the achievements of carers who have taken part in accredited courses throughout the pandemic. 

We will be posting about these events on our social media channels so please keep following our accounts for further announcements.

Below are a couple of interviews from carers we worked with who recently completed their Adult Achievement Awards (AAC)

 Caroline Adamson – East End

What did you like about doing the training?

Learning something new that was for me, not just for a job or my caring role- because you can sometimes forget about yourself a bit. For the first time in 9 years, I was just me, I was an adult. I had a great day, had a proper adult chat with a coffee, and left with a smile on my face. It’s important to have days like that.

Has it given you more confidence?

It made a really big difference to my confidence and self-esteem- I achieved something!

What are you hoping for in the future?

I’ve put in for funding for another nails course… I’m quite low on my priorities, so I might not have thought about doing this before, but this forced me to do consider myself a bit more. I’m getting better at practicing self-care. My daughter loves getting her nails done, so it’s a calming experience I can share with her!

Image of completed acrylic nails that were done by Caroline. Example of some of the skills that Caroline has learned with her accreditation

Gemma Ewing – East End

What did you like most about doing the Adult Achievement Award?

Doing the Adult Achievement Award showed me how much I actually do, but in a really positive way. I feel like people constantly think ‘You’re just a carer’ or ‘just a mum’, but that isn’t as simple as it seems.

Example of some work that Gemma Ewing had to undertake as part of the Adult achievement award.Example of some of the tasks that Gemma completed as part of her accreditation

I get something out of being a carer every day, but sometimes it can be hard to see the progress we’ve made because we’re busy doing it. The Adult Achievement Award felt like doing something for me as well as helping me reflect on all the learning I have done. It’s much better to be able to see the things you have done for yourself than be told it by other people!

Has it given you more confidence?

I have always really enjoyed learning something new. I have a lot of qualifications but in the last few years, caring has come first. This has helped me see that I’m still the Gemma that could handle academic courses. It reminds me that I’m still capable.

What are you hoping for in the future?

I want to go on and do the AAA level 6. In the long term, I would like to learn BSL and work towards being an interpreter.

Carers Decide Groupwork Programme

We also interviewed Chris Watson who recently attended Carers Decide Groupwork Programme – Chris spoke about how he benefitted both practically and emotionally from attending the course and how he hopes to volunteer for Dundee Carers Centre to hold his own programme with carers.

Want to find out more?

If you are a carer and would like to know more about accreditation or attending a Carer’s Decide Groupwork Programme, please get in touch by phoning 01382 200422 or emailing [email protected]