News 16 Jan 2023

Celtic Supporter Club Raise Funds for Short Breaks for Unpaid Carers

Hands grouped together to form a shape of a heart. Circle graphic in the middle of the heart that says "Thanks for your support"

Dundee Carers Centre was delighted to receive a £200 donation from Lee Walker at the Celtic Supporters Club before Christmas.

This funding will be used to help fund short breaks for young carers with an interest in sports.

It’s really important to take time for yourself, especially when you are caring for someone else. Personalised short breaks can really help a carer recharge their batteries. We are very grateful for the generosity of the Celtic Supporters Club.

Marthe Hastie - Team Leader for Short Breaks

The Short Breaks team at Dundee Carers Centre supports carers daily to identify a break that will encourage them to experience new things, maintain relationships and enjoy personal interests and hobbies.

We work with carers from as young as 8 and work closely with the centre’s School Link Workers to promote the benefits of short breaks to carers of all ages.

To find out more about our Short Breaks service please click here