News 21 Feb 2024

Coming Soon! Budget-friendly Shopping and Cooking Modules for Unpaid Carers

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our online modules, that aim to build skills and knowledge to help shop and cook nutritious meals on a budget.

Dundee Carers Centre received funding from Multiply fund as part of the UK Government Levelling Up to build modules and deliver Elementary Cooking Skills courses to unpaid carers.

In March 2024 we plan to release two modules on the Carers of Dundee Learning Portal: Shop Smart and Cook Smart.

The modules will compliment the courses to provide information, advice and resources all within an accessible learning platform, to help unpaid carers learn about meal planning, shopping and cooking while on a budget.

Stay tuned as we delve into topics such as:

  • Working out weekly/daily food budgets
  • Increase/decrease ingredients in recipes
  • Creating a meal planner
  • Creating a shopping list
  • Looking at food labels
  • Spotting a good deal
  • Hints/tips on how to manage a supermarket shop
  • Nutrition
  • Oven temperature and measuring conversions
  • How to store, defrost and reheat food safely

Keep an eye on this website and social media channels for more updates. Get ready to cook up a storm without emptying your wallet!