News 12 Nov 2020

Duty to Support Young Carers in Dundee

Dundee Carers Partnership is delighted to announce the launch of the Young Carers page of the Carers of Dundee website and the Young Carers workforce e-module.

The young carers page pulls together all the information young carers, their families and the workforce supporting young carers should require.

Dundee is unique in Scotland in that the support available for young carers has been developed by young carers themselves, supported by Dundee Carers Centre and the Children & Families Department of Dundee City Council in a strong, and successful partnership. The page showcases the achievements of Dundee Young Carers in developing information, resources and support.

For the first time we are able to bring together all this information and resources in one place and over the next few months the workforce in Dundee – in schools, social work and the voluntary sector – will have the opportunity to use the module to increase the support available to young carers in Dundee.
It has been a long journey to get us to this point, and we couldn’t have done it without the sheer dedication from young carers and their families who have been central to developing and implementing these resources and roles within school settings.”

Sarah Boath, Dundee Carers Centre Team Manager

The resources that are now available to the workforce are vital for school staff and the wider children and families workforce to support young carers in their journey. I would like to thank the young carers and their families for being involved in initial pilots and for their sheer dedication and sharing knowledge and experiences, which has allowed us to be where we are at now.

Chris Wright, Senior Manager of Children & Families

To explore the Young Carers Webpage please go to
Carers of Dundee Website