News 15 Aug 2023

Dynamic Youth Awards

Group of young carers that were presented with the Dynamic youth award at Cake & Dice cafe

Did you know that carers of all ages have the opportunity to gain SCQF qualifications through groups or one-to-one support at Dundee Carers Centre?  These awards recognise carers’ achievements, formal and informal learning, and greatly boost your confidence and CV!

This Easter 12 young carers successfully completed a five-day outward-bound residential at Loch Eil.  In addition to completing various team-building activities and challenges including climbing, abseiling and canoeing the group of young carers also completed a Dynamic Youth Award, recognising the learning and achievements of each individual who participated in the group.

This Summer we held a presentation ceremony for these young carers and their families at Cake & Dice in Dundee celebrating their achievements, and the friendships made during the residential.

If you would like more information about Dynamic Youth Awards, or other qualifications available at Dundee Carers Centre you can find out more here or contact your locality worker or get in touch at [email protected]