News 09 May 2022

Meet the Counselling Team! Sarah Herd

We would like to allow everyone to meet our new counselling team by introducing each member and getting a quick summary of their personal and professional background.

In this short article, we speak to Sarah Herd who is a counsellor.

What made you get involved as a counsellor at the carers centre?

 When I was growing up mental health was something I knew little about largely because it wasn’t something I was taught or ever heard talked about. I want to be part of the change that the carers centre is creating in promoting mental wellbeing in staff and our carers, especially in raising the importance of looking after your mental health and seeking support without judgment.

I started working at the centre in 2019 in another capacity after qualifying as a counsellor in 2018 and was overwhelmed with all the different support services available that I began volunteering as a counsellor to give back as best as I could so when the opportunity to develop the counselling service further it was a really exciting opportunity for me.  

Random Fact/something about you? 

I won lockdown hero and volunteer of the year in 2021 for my involvement with girls’ and women’s football.

Something you do to support your wellbeing? 

I support my mental wellbeing by taking part in football. This allows me to spend time with friends, burn off negative energy and get a sense of belonging all while playing the sport I love.

If you would like to fund out more about our counselling service please go to our dedicated webpage by clicking here