News 13 Jan 2022

Young Persons Bus Travel Scheme – Applications Now Open

Young boy wearing a wool hat a facemask sitting on a bus looking out of the window

5-21 year olds living in Scotland can now apply to access free bus travel from 31 January.

In light of high levels of COVID-19 transmission, the Scottish Government is asking that you only apply for the scheme at this point if it is essential that you, or your child, travel while restrictions are in place.  All other eligible applicants will be proactively encouraged to apply at a later date.

Even if you already have a National Entitlement Card or Young Scot National
Entitlement Card, you must apply for a new or replacement card to travel by bus for free.   Parents or guardians must provide approval for children aged between 5-15 to access the scheme by applying on their behalf.  Young people aged 16-21 should apply themselves.

The Transport Scotland website provides all the information needed to apply.

There are two ways to apply: