The work we do, who we work with and schools we support

Gillian McFarlane - Carer Support Worker - The Ferry

Our Locality Workers

Jaimie & Gillian are the support workers for the North East Locality

Carers Decide Group Programme

Tom is the Groupwork Worker for the Northeast locality.

Carers Decide Groupwork is an 8-week programme offering an opportunity for carers to meet and learn from each other’s caring experience.
Sessions are facilitated by Carers Centre staff and are available online and face to face.

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Young Carer Support in Schools

We work closely with schools across the city to ensure that young carers are identified and supported within their educational setting.

A named Young Carer Coordinator and Dundee Carers Centre Support Worker is linked to each school and can offer practical and emotional support to young carers and families.  Young Carers Ambassadors within some secondary schools can offer emotional and peer support to young carers.

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Services we work with

Community Health team

Community Health Team provides support for local people and services to develop skills and knowledge to improve physical and mental health and wellbeing in designated communities in the city.

Link Up
Link Up is a Project that seeks to support people to get to know their fellow community members by participating in activities which they enjoy.

Taught by Mohammad

Taught By Muhammad is an outreach project aimed at building an understanding between Muslims and the wider community. The project also helps tackle social injustices within Dundee.

We Are With You (formerly Addaction)

Work with people with substance use issues to work on their own goals, whether that’s making small changes, stopping drugs or alcohol completely or just getting some advice.

Venues we work in

Finmill Community Centre
Mill O’ Mains Sheltered Housing Complex
Fintry Parish Church

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