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Strathmartine Team

Sarah, Morgan and Maxine are the locality workers for Strathmartine.

The team work closely with schools in the area along with other organisations to help support carers of all ages

Schools in Strathmartine

Primary Schools

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Digital Stories

Renee McNaughton Carers Story 

Renee McNaughton, who is a young carer for her mum, talks about her caring role and the support she receives from the Dundee Carers Centre.

Sophie Etchels Young Carer Ambassador 

Sophie Etchels is a young carer ambassador for Dundee Carers Centre and St Paul’s Academy. Sophie talks about her role as a YCA and what she does to identify and support young carers along with raising awareness of young carers.

Karen Stephen Young Carer Coordinator for St Paul’s 

Karen Stephen is the named Young Carer Coordinator for St Paul’s RC Academy. Karen explains more about the role of supporting young carers.

Young Carer Interview

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

We interviewed a young carer who lives in Strathmartine, we asked them to explain more about their caring role and what it’s like to be a carer in Strathmartine.

What do you like about living in this locality?
Where I live is really quiet so I like it a lot.

What does it feel like living here?
It’s nice and relaxing and my neighbours are really friendly too.

Where do carers find their supports?
I am not sure where carers in my area can go to find what support is out there for them to get.

What support is most valuable to you?
Having someone there just to talk to is what is I feel is most valuable to have.

Our Latest News!

Our Latest News!

Happy Feet Walking Group Coming Soon!

Maxine, Alison, Jamie and Karin tested a socially distanced walk, in the hope of starting a new Happy Feet Walking group in the Strathmartine area.

Please following our page or social media feeds for future announcements!

Picture of support workers Jamie, Karin and Alison by pond.